Gunnersbury Park CIC shows signs of listening – join the debate about how it should be run

Gunnersbury Park CIC is holding a workshop discussion on how the park should be run.  And MAMACO, in effect Lovebox/Citadel, is establishing a Community Advisory Board to ensure it is accountable, responsive and having a community benefit. It’s not enough but it’s a step in the right direction.  

After calling for several years for the Gunnersbury Park CIC to establish a management consultative committee, so local residents, park users, organisations with an interest in the park ( those concerned with its history, heritage, wildlife, etc), there are signs that the CIC has been listening. The CIC is holding a workshop discussion on how the park should be run. At first sight this Big Conservation workshop discussion is a step in the right direction.  It must, however, translate into actions acceptable to local residents or it will engender yet more disappointment and anger.

The workshop is from 10am to noon on Saturday, 27th July at the Gunnersbury Park Museum. Book your place (it’s free) here.

The blurb explains that the Gunnersbury Estate wants to interact and engage with local communities, allowing interested residents to contribute ideas on how the estate is run and discuss what happens here in the future. After an introduction by CEO David Bowler you will have the opportunity to join the discussion on two out of these five topics:

  • sustainability, nature and wildlife
  • heritage and exhibitions
  • events
  • park users
  • future development

Each discussion group will be hosted by a member of Gunnersbury staff and/or a board member. Refreshments will be provided.

Lovebox/Citadel establishes a Community Advisory board

There are signs, too, that Festival Republic/MAMACO, which organises the Lovebox and Citadel festivals is also listening.  It is establishing a community advisory board and is looking for local residents from within the catchment area to create a group of people who are representative of the diversity of the local area who will work together to ensure that they are:

  • accountable
  • responsive
  • having a community benefit

It is proposing that part of the community advisory board’s responsibilities will be to decide on the distribution of funding in future years.

Councillors have been asked to suggest local group representatives to join the board.