Action needed on dangerous junction : Princes Avenue and Gunnersbury Lane

Councillor Joanna Biddolph has made another appeal for action on the dangerous junction in Chiswick’s Turnham Green ward, where Princes Avenue meets Gunnersbury Lane in the Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate conservation area. She has renewed her call for a mirror to be put on the lamppost opposite the junction which residents have been asking for for years.  This is the text of her email to Ealing’s highways team.

Dear Highways,

I am one of the councillors for Hounslow’s Turnham Green ward which borders Ealing Common ward.  We have tried to get action on this junction to make it safer but measures taken to date have made no difference.

You previously heard from Hounslow’s traffic team and responded by saying that the junction’s existing double yellow lines would be repainted and signs erected.  You did not agree to extend the double yellow lines as far as where Sainsbury’s starts (the left hand side of Sainsbury’s, looking at the store).  We were disappointed that you did not agree to add yellow kerb markings.  I understand you would be putting up a No Loading at Any Time sign.

The double yellow lines were repainted.  This has made absolutely no difference whatsoever.  Large lorries continue to park on the double yellow lines.  Even if they park on the single yellow lines, leaving the double yellow lines clear, there is a very limited sight line as the yellow lines are so short.  Drivers cannot see what is approaching.

There is widespread ignorance about the meaning of kerb markings so, even if these had been painted along the double yellow lines, my residents do not believe they would have had any effect.  There does not seem to be a sign explaining that loading is not allowed at any time.  However, as we know from behaviour at this junction and elsewhere, signs are generally ignored.  Indeed, I have several times intervened and spoken to drivers who have stopped along here; their answers have been forthright objections at being told what to do.

As far as I’m aware, enforcement has not been tried but, unless it is in force for long periods of time, it will have no effect whatsoever.

What residents want, and what this junction needs, is a mirror on the lamppost on the north side of Gunnersbury Lane opposite Princes Avenue.  I no longer accept the explanation that they aren’t recognised as traffic safety measures given that TfL has installed mirrors at the lights at the junctions of Gunnersbury Avenue and Gunnersbury Lane (southbound) and Gunnersbury Avenue and Popes Lane (northbound).  Here are photos of the mirrors:

Please can we have some action on safety at this very dangerous junction.  Princes Avenue slopes upwards towards Gunnersbury Lane.  This means that drivers sit even lower in their cars, even less able to see what is approaching from the right.  Everyone complains – young and old – and everyone says it is an accident waiting to happen.  Given that double yellow lines are ignored, it is time to look at this from a driver’s point of view.  Please install a mirror on the lamp post opposite Princes Avenue.  I know many residents will be willing to help ensure the position and angle are right.  All we want is to leave this road safely.  It is not safe as it is now.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Joanna Biddolph, Councillor for Turnham Green ward