New surgery for Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate residents

The three new Conservative councillors for Turnham Green ward (Joanna Biddolph, Ranjit Gill and Ron Mushiso) have announced that they will hold a monthly surgery for residents of the Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate (GPGE).   It will take place from 10am to 11am on the first Saturday of every month at The Triangle Club, The Ridgeway, London, W3 8LN.  This will be in addition to the weekly surgery held by Turnham Green ward councillors every Saturday at Chiswick Library.

“We know that many residents of the Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate find it difficult getting to and from Chiswick library without a car and parking on a Saturday morning is often hard to find.  It’s either a long walk away or a walk and a bus journey or a tube journey and a walk.  So we decided, before we were elected, that if residents would like a local surgery, we would organise it,” Ranjit explained.

“The Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate is very firmly part of Turnham Green ward but it can seem a world away from the heart of Chiswick,” Joanna Biddolph said.  “As a GPGE resident, I know just how long it can take to get to the library and a lot of residents decide not to bother, raising issues at the residents’ association AGM instead.  A year is a long time to raise a problem.  It was obvious to us from the moment we started campaigning that we should have a surgery in this part of the ward.”

The surgeries will be taken mostly by Joanna and Ranjit because Ron, as a PE teacher and rugby coach, is often busy on Saturday mornings.

Any resident can contact any of the three Conservative councillors by phone or email – or letter – though we know many people prefer a face to face conversation.   Please do raise issues with us.  We are here to help all residents resolve problems they experience.