Lovebox/Citadel: Access/parking arrangements for Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate residents

With 40,000 people arriving for and leaving from the Lovebox/Citadel festivals over the weekend of Friday 13th July, Saturday 14th July and Sunday 15th July residents of the Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate (GPGE) are understandably concerned about how they will be able to get into, out of and park in their road.

All roads leading into and out of the GPGE will be No Entry to anyone other than residents.  Residents will be provided with car parking stickers, to be distributed, with a letter explaining the details, to all GPGE residents early this week.  Festival marshals will be at all entrances and exits ensuring that only cars displaying the stickers will be allowed into the estate and to park within it.

Please make sure you put the stickers in your cars so they can be easily identified by the marshals.

Here’s the map showing – the red dots – where marshals will be stationed: