Support our independent shops on Small Business Saturday: 1st December 2018

It’s Small Business Saturday and our local independent shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants would welcome your support on this special shopping day – and beyond. 

Knowing how easy it is to get into a routine – visiting the same independents (or to keep meaning to divert from a supermarket or chain) how about going to a specific part of Chiswick to see what you can find?

There’s somewhere for a coffee/brunch/lunch/tea/supper break wherever you go – but it’s not all about eating out.  There’s not much you can’t buy in Chiswick’s wonderful independents – food and drink of course plus clothes and shoes, art and jewellery, cards and wrapping paper, toothpaste and tissues, cushions and clocks, bowls and platters, glasses and grins, carpets and rugs, cameras and books, nails and screws, chocolates and cakes, sweets and toys, haircuts and beard trims, even holidays … there really isn’t a need to go online or to a chain or department store.

The three councillors who set up the Chiswick Shops Task Force realise that many make shopping choices for convenience – everyone is stretched for time and some find shopping boring.  Others are understandably price-conscious.  Small Business Saturday gives everyone the chance to stay local and shop local – to experience pleasures such as chatting with the owner about why they do what they do, and discover that prices in independents are often just as keen, sometimes keener, than in a supermarket.

If you tend to stick to the same section of the High Road, or to shops in your village within our village, what about exploring an area you know less well?  There are independents all over Chiswick and they all need our support.  They help make Chiswick Chiswick – please support them.

We’d love to know about you discoveries, your favourites and your purchases on here or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so please use the hashtags #ChiswickIndieShops or #ChiswickChristmasShopping.

Here’s where you might like to go:

  • Acton Lane/Chiswick Terrace: from the High Road to the mini roundabout outside Chiswick Park tube, both sides of the road
  • Bedford Corner: where South Parade meets The Avenue opposite St Michael and All Angels
  • Chiswick Common Road: off Turnham Green Terrace
  • Chiswick High Road east of Turnham Green Terrace to Ladbroke Grove: on the north side of the road
  • Chiswick High Road east of Turnham Green Terrace to Chiswick Lane: on the south side of the road
  • Chiswick High Road west of Turnham Green Terrace to Acton Lane: up to and beyond the wasteland of Empire House
  • Chiswick High Road west of the junction with Sutton Lane North and Acton Lane: on both sides of the road
  • Chiswick High Road from Gunnersbury tube to opposite Chiswick Business Park: on the south side of the road
  • Chiswick High Road on the south side between Devonshire Road and Turnham Green: including a seasonal pop-up
  • Chiswick High Road including Stile Hall Parade: between Chiswick roundabout and Kew Bridge
  • Chiswick Lane: a few shops down the west side
  • Chiswick Lane South: the brewery shop of Chiswick’s family run brewery Fuller’s
  • Cunnington Street on the corner of Antrobus Road: a corner shop on
  • Devonshire Road: both sides including a pop-up that’s only here till Sunday, 2nd December
  • Elliott Road: two restaurants and a barber
  • Essex Place Square: at and next to the market stalls
  • Fauconberg Road: easy to reach on the E3 bus or walk down Sutton Court Road including through the underpass
  • Fisher’s Lane: round the corner from the High Road, just one shop all on its own
  • Fromow’s Corner: on the corner of Arlington Gardens
  • Grove Park Road: near Chiswick railway station
  • Gunnersbury Lane: from Acton Town tube station to Gunnersbury Avenue (by tube or E3 bus)
  • South Parade: from The Avenue to Chiswick Park tube station and round to Evershed Walk 
  • Southfield Road: at the top of The Avenue
  • Strand on the Green: from Kew Bridge corner
  • Sutton Court Road: one shop at the very top, another coming soon
  • Sutton Lane North: slightly hidden if you walk down from the north
  • Thames Road: a few dotted around
  • Turnham Green Terrace: both sides between Chiswick High Road and Bath Road
  • Turnham Green Terrace Mews: easy to walk past, do walk in
  • Wellesley Road: just before the bridge, walking west

With apologies if I’ve left any roads out … let me know!