Boundary Commission recommends changes to Turnham Green ward

The Local Government Boundary Commission of England (LGBCE) has published its final recommendations for Hounslow including Turnham Green ward.

The recommended changes to Turnham Green ward are that Hounslow residents living on Popes Lane (the south side) and Lionel Road North, and Gunnersbury Park, would be included in an expanded Turnham Green ward which it recommends should be renamed Chiswick Gunnersbury ward.

There are changes to the two other Chiswick wards both of which will be expanded, their boundaries moving westward.

The LGBCE also recommends that all three wards remain three-councillor wards, reflecting the fact that all three wards will be expanded.

The changes are subject to parliamentary approval.

Cllr Ranjit Gill commented on behalf of the Conservative group: “The final recommendations follow what we proposed. Chiswick retains three councillors for each ward, each ward having been adjusted to meet the voter population criteria.

“Chiswick Riverside ward expands westwards to take in the whole of the Capital Interchange Way development next to the new Brentford Football Club as well as several developments along the river beyond Kew Bridge.

“Chiswick Homefields ward also expands westwards. Its new boundary means that the open spaces in this part of Chiswick, which residents see as closely linked with each other, will be brought together. The new boundary with Chiswick Riverside ward will be Park Road.

“Turnham Green ward expands, too, to include residents who live along Popes Lane and Lionel Road North, therefore also taking in Gunnersbury Park. Gunnersbury Cemetery also moves into this ward. The West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society made similar recommendations and we were very glad to support them. We’d like to thank the residents of Popes Lane and Lionel Road North who signed a petition to move into Turnham Green ward. The ward will be renamed Chiswick Gunnersbury, as we suggested.

“We are absolutely delighted with the result and that all our hard work paid off. We look forward to representing all the residents who will be in these three Chiswick wards in 2022 and working hard for them.”

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