Road closures and parking changes – make sure your views are heard

Chiswick’s Conservative councillors are urging residents and traders to make sure their voices are heard. There are two petitions to sign; three official consultations to respond to; emails to be written including to secretary of state for transport Grant Shapps and to Hounslow and Ealing council cabinet members and officers; and a residents’ campaigning Facebook group to join. All links are below. 

Petitions (others might emerge)
Ask the Secretary of State for Transport to intervene
Please ask the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps MP, to intervene by instructing Hounslow and Ealing councils to reverse the central Chiswick schemes and the South Chiswick Liveable Neighbourhood scheme and conduct an independently-run unbiased consultation with local residents and businesses. 
There are three official consultation.  Please respond to all three:
  • Hounslow streetspace feedback (these are the central Chiswick measures): Hounslow Streetspace consultation
  • Hounslow consultation on the future of Chiswick town centre: Chiswick Town Centre consultation 
  • TfL on C9: TfL wants to know: Has the scheme impacted you or your business positively or negatively? Has the scheme resulted in what you expected? Are there any unexpected outcomes which you think we should know about (this could be things like access to deliveries or more people visiting on foot or by bicycle than usual)?  Please also add your own comments beyond these three points.  Email your views to: TfL C9 consultation  
Email cabinet members and officers in Hounslow and Ealing councils
Email your views and experiences to relevant Hounslow and Ealing cabinet members and officers – one email to all is fine:
One Chiswick Facebook group
Join this group for updates on the campaign.  Please make sure you answer the (easy) questions as this is the only way to join the group: One Chiswick Facebook Group
Email addresses for Hounslow councillors
Chiswick Homefields ward councillors
Cllr Patrick Barr:
Cllr Gerald McGregor:
Cllr John Todd:
Chiswick Riverside ward councillors
Cllr Michael Denniss:
Cllr Gabriella Giles:
Cllr Sam Hearn:
Turnham Green ward councillors
Cllr Joanna Biddolph:
Cllr Ranjit Gill:
Cllr Ron Mushiso: