Who we are

The three of us were elected councillors for Turnham Green ward on 4th May 2018. From left to right:
Ron Mushiso, Joanna Biddolph and Ranjit Gill. To find out more about us, do read the brief biographies below. (Photo taken before the election, on Turnham Green in the heart of the ward.)






I moved into Chiswick in 1983 and currently live in the Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate (GPGE) conservation area in the north west corner of Turnham Green ward.  Before being elected I seemed to spend a large amount of my life reporting fly-tipping and overflowing bins.  Not long after moving in to the GPGE I campaigned against speeding along the A406 Gunnersbury Avenue/North Circular and rat runs through our quiet conservation area as well as lobbying for improved street lighting, safer road junctions and better pedestrian crossings.  I’m a huge supporter of our independent shops, cafés and restaurants, going out of my way to buy from them; they are, for me, what makes Chiswick special.  I currently serve on the planning committee (which meets every fortnight), the overview and scrutiny committee, the housing and environment scrutiny panel and, of course, the Chiswick Area Forum.  In my other life, I’m a self-employed reputation crisis management consultant having previously worked in politics, lobbying and corporate communications and as an occasional journalist (for three and a half years I wrote the local issue feature, articles about local businesses, the kids’ corner column and several restaurant and book reviews for The Green).

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I am a qualified accountant and have lived in the borough for nearly 30 years. I want an end to wastefulness and for resources to be directed to cleaning up our streets, tackling crime, and caring for the young and elderly. We need value for our money and more openness and accountability. I would like to inspire members of the public to help elderly people and, in particular, to end their isolation and reintegrate them with the community, bringing happiness and joy to the lives of people who need care and attention.

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I live in the borough on the other side of Chiswick roundabout. I spent my early teens in foster home here in Chiswick and returned to work locally some years later. As a fostered child, I understand the importance of social care and social services. That is why I am outraged about the current proposals to cut funding for youth services. Chiswick needs a vocal candidate to stand up to the council on this and several other issues including CS9.  I look to  bring a relentless work ethic and enthusiasm to my role as your Councillor so that I hit the ground running. In my current roles as a PE Teacher at a local school, Head Coach at Old Emanuel Rugby Club and as a former professional rugby player; a strong work ethic, energy and enthusiasm are my natural traits!

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